Tom Anderson Hollow T

I picked up a Tom Anderson Hollow T a few months ago from Jeff Troxel. It’s been an incredible guitar. I’ve had the AtomĀ for a few years, and have always really enjoyed Anderson guitars. Jeff approached me and said he would be willing to part with the Hollow T, and after playing it against my […]

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changing it up…

I’ve played Elixir strings since I started playing guitar. I play Elixirs on both my acoustics and my electrics. BUT, I’m going to change things up this weekend. I’m going to try something completely new. First, I’m changing from Elixirs to the Ernie Ball Slinky Cobalt. I have literally never changed what style of string […]

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Caroline Icarus Boost

This pedal has been killer for me. I don’t know why I’m just now getting around to talking about it, but I was thinking about my rig, and realized that this is a pedal that I bought to be a boost, and now I literally never turn it off. The Icarus has two knobs: the […]

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more pedalboard progress

Here’s the newest setup. I wanted to have a cleaner setup for SXSW, so I made some changes this afternoon. I hated having my overdrives sideways, so I rearranged to make them vertical. I also wanted to have some more space for the tap on my Cusack, so I gave it a little more breathing […]

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